Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Journey is about to Begin

Hi Maya,

I am too lazy to update my blog, but tonight i'm just into the mood of writing. So, here it is, presenting the new update from me.

1. Work

Currently i am still working in Camelot team, it feels like hell since i have to come early in the morning and stay back until late night. But it doesn't matter since i think i can grab a lot of experience here. My communication is improving, but there are still a lot of things to learn. I am happy to contribute something to the company. I am kind of worry to walk from Putra LRT, it's quite scary passing through the dark street.  May Allah help me, always....

2. Interview

Oh yes, the interview was last week. I'm regret that i am not prepared enough for the interview. Night before the interview, I was too rushing to take my pictures and what so ever. It was raining, i walked to the photo shop to snap some photo for the interview, but then i realized that my outfit were all wet!!! From that moment, i felt something wrong will happened. It was a long story, but i will not forget the night. I screwed up the interview and ended up with tears. Poor me. But that's okay, i believe something that is so much better waiting for me ahead. I just have to be patient and keep moving forward.

3. Friends

Friends come and go, but most of my friends still contact me. Thank to Allah for sending me a lot of good friends. I miss my friends in Utem especially my housemates. We're having a good times together for the whole 2 years and it was unforgettable. Also my very good friend miss W. We've been friends since i was in secondary school. She's crazy and i love it. hahahaha. My officemates were also not bad, it's fun gossip with them.

4. Mr. H

Less than 2 months to go, i am still in love with that man.  He's having his exam now and quite busy with his study. It's sad since we don't have much time to chat. I was busy with work and he have a lot of things to do there in Canada. I hope i can pvt time to 1st of June 2013. hehe. Oh yes, he's requesting something big for his graduation gift. Amagad, i have lost my skills in drawing, need more time to dig it up. (T.T)

Well, there are a lot of things to tell here, but let's just keep all the stories in my mind. As usual, my mood to   write the blog has come to the end. Till we meet again.

Goodbye Maya friend.