Sunday, 13 November 2011


yeay2. cite 'PUSS IN BOOTS' nak kuar.. comel sgt. saya teruja.

bercerita tentang kucing, aku tak paham kenapa sesetengah org tak suka kucing. okok, aku tau bukan semua orang boleh terima kehadiran kucing tu kt muka bumi ni. mungkin mereka geli, mungkin mereka takut, mungkin mereka takde perasaan. tapi kenapa berani nak siksa kucing2 tu? ada yg potong tgn, ada yg sepak terajang, bakar...hmm. kejamla :'(

these are reasons why i love cats:

  • they are cute , magnificent and adorable creature.
  • they make me laugh
  • they lend me their ears whenever i fell like i wanna talk. 
  • they accompany me when my room is dark. i really can't sleep if the lights is still on. 
  • they give me a lot of memories. some are bad, some are sweet as well.
  • cats naturally had innocent face. its funny when i wont able to scold them, even my cat leaves their droppings on the floor. 
  • i can spend my days with them without worrying the wasted time. 
hey, i really have to sleep. goodbye maya. nighty nite :) 
p/s: apology for the bad grammar. im trying my very best to make d improvement. 


  1. kalu camtu saye nak jadi kucing jadian la. awk suke kucing ape? nanti saye bertukar. hehe

  2. cipin, cite puss in boots dah kuar. dak2 uma aku dah 2 org tgk. hihie