Wednesday, 30 November 2011


hello maya. its me again, typing the blog, and trying to share something. pretending i 'dont' have any hw to be done. im 'free' like all the time. yeay!!!!! hihie

how often u post on your wall in a week?
do u care the words that u had been used?
or just post it without thinking anything that might hurt someone else's feeling?
and on the other day, a month or maybe a year later u'll find that how funny u are, posting about something that can make u feel poyo. and those unnecessary words can kill u inside out.
its my own experience.
im one of the facebookers.
n i've been posting a lot of words since the first day of my account created.
by the time i read my previous post, it was funny dude! and i feel kinda embarrassing for being poyo.
but for now, experience taught me well. 
think before u want to throw your words.
like i said before. words can kill u inside out. 
words can break friendship.
words can make u cry
words can make u feel pathetic.
words can make u smile.
words can make u laugh.
words can build good relationship.

so for now, say something good. 
think before u act.
accept others badness.

bye maya.

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