Saturday, 7 July 2012

nothing is impossible

7/7/2012.. i can't believe i had already done the interview at Sapura Secured Network. yes, it's a bit though. first, they gave me a simple english test. it's not that simple because they used bombastic words. after a few minutes, they call me into a room. there's a huge round table, and i saw 3 person ready to screw me up. hehehe. i thought it will be a disaster because early that night, i can't even sleep. i was too nervous and felt that my preparation is not enough. i was just hoping the miracle could happened. first thing they ask me, is introduction of myself. i bring my thesis, they read it. All right, brb tomorrow. i'm too tired telling this bed time story. and i'm pretty sure u guys don't want to waste your time reading my blog.

the thing is that i'm bored and i just can't stop thinking about mr. h. hope he's ok over there.

lucky i'm in love with my best friend :)

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